An Eagle Lake sunset

I’m at my cottage tonight, and I start my job as Nature Director tomorrow. I’m nervous. I’ll spend 4 hours tomorrow trying to convince 173 kids to learn about trees and stars instead of swimming or rolling kayaks or climbing the wall. We’ll see how it goes. I wish I could call you, I’m sure you’d make me feel better. 
Only one more month until we’re reunited. Love and miss you <3

An Eagle Lake sunset

I’m at my cottage tonight, and I start my job as Nature Director tomorrow. I’m nervous. I’ll spend 4 hours tomorrow trying to convince 173 kids to learn about trees and stars instead of swimming or rolling kayaks or climbing the wall. We’ll see how it goes. I wish I could call you, I’m sure you’d make me feel better. 

Only one more month until we’re reunited. Love and miss you <3

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Always my favourite place

Always my favourite place

How do you pack 3 months into a hockey bag?

Answer: You don’t, you write to your best friend instead!

I’m supposed to be packing for RKY right now. Actually, my dad is coming home in 20 minutes and I’m supposed to be ready to go. And I’m almost there…. but not quite. Things are fitting better this time, and that makes me feel like I’m forgetting everything important. You have just helped me to remember my raincoat though, so thank you! I don’t even know what’s going on right now.

I’m excited to go! I mean, right before I go up to camp every year, I get all weird and stop feeling anything and, I don’t know. I blame that for why this is so incoherent. Sorry :( But I am pumped! I get to see my friends and be in the sun and hang out with kids and swim and be crazy, which are my very favourite things, you know.

Anna and I did tarot cards last night, and it looks like I’m going to have an incredible summer. There was only one unhappy card, which fell on the “preoccupations of your subconscious” spot. It’s the awful one I always get (bane of my existence, seriously) and I know what it means, so I can deal with it, but the rest were beautiful and lovely, and it gives me such a good feeling!

OK, I really have to go now, but I hope you’re doing great, and I’d love to hear from you sometime! Oh, and I sent you another postcard yesterday!!! You’ll love the stamp!

Love always, Heather <3



A view over the jungle, from the end of our 6 hour hike

A view over the jungle, from the end of our 6 hour hike

A 700 year old tree in the Amazon rainforest. Soooooo cool

A 700 year old tree in the Amazon rainforest. Soooooo cool

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From jungle to mountains to home sweet home

Hello there, I’m home!!

I got back Sunday evening, but I’ve been too tired, busy and lazy to write this for the past few days. Also, my home internet went out last night, so I’m at the library right now! Anyways…..

My second week in Ecuador was not nearly as amazing as the first, but it was still pretty darned awesome. We went to a small community outside of Misahualli (where my hostel was) called Galapagos. There, I spent 5 days digging 6x6x6 foot holes, being eaten by sand flies, and hanging out with the kids. I felt a little like I should have been you, with all the digging! Have you ever jumped into a 6 foot deep hole, then looked up. It’s a little terrifying. The short time that I got to spend at the school with the kids was amazing! I spent ages just picking up kids and spinning then around, and then dancing with them during their recess! Then, we went inside and I helped some 3 and 4 year olds with some colouring. We also sang songs to them, and they showed us a dance they were working on. 

At the end of the week, we left our village and traveled to Banos, a city situated in a valley between mountains in the Andes. To one side, there’s an active volcano! I LOVE this city! I’m pretty sure that I would move there if I had the chance. There is pretty graffiti everywhere, it’s bright, there’s a small waterfall running down one side of a mountain, and the mountains are so green! Google Earth this place, it’s so great! The first day we were there, Alanna and I went for a walk around town, then the whole group of us took a bus up the mountain to get a better look at the volcano. The second day, my last day in Ecuador, was rainy. But, I get to check something off my list; Go Horseback riding! It was so great! We took the horses part of the way up a mountain! Then, we stopped and we drank some volcanic water from a spring in the ground. It was naturally carbonated, and tastes just like, if not better than, the stuff you buy in stores. Then we went back down the mountain. Now, I’m not all up in the technical horse talk, but I’m pretty sure I even got galloping at one point. It was incredible, even if it did rain the whole time and I was wearing wet jeans for the rest of the day.

This is getting long, but I’ll tell you quick about what I did yesterday. My dad and I went up to Guelph to put some stuff in m new house! We’ll be going back on Saturday with a trailer to bring more up, and we’ll put the desk and bed together. My room is purple, not all that big, and the floor is slanted, but I love it! I’m so excited for next year already!! Then, we stopped by the AGO in Toronto to see the Picasso Art Exhibit they were having. It was pretty neat. I got you a postcard, I’ll send it soon! Speaking of mail, I got your letter yesterday. I loved it!

Anyways, I’ll post some pictures over the next little bit, and I hope that you’re having a fantastic time out in Jordan. Love you!!! xxoxoxoxoxxoxox

Westminster Abbey one day, the streets of Aqaba the next!

Hello my dear,

        I hope all is well in the Amazon! You’ll be coming home tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear all about it. So I’m all settle in here in Aqaba. On Wednesday we spent the day in London. We saw SO much. We saw the London Eye, the Big Ben, Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the British Museum! We were so exhausted by the time we boarded the plane. Westminster Abbey was BY FAR the coolest and most interesting place. I absolutely loved it there. It’s so full of history and stories, I could spent a week exploring it. I stood where Will and Kate got married, visited all the tombs of the great kings, and walk halls that looked identical to Hogwarts. To continue on my royal family rampage we went to Buckingham Palace. It is currently under a bunch of construction on the outside because they are gonna have a huge concert there during the olympics! I tried to find the queen but sadly she didn’t come out, haha. The british museum was wonderful as well! The majority of the Roman/Grecian/Egyptian things we learnt about in class this year (famous mummies, vases, artifacts) were all there! It was so cool to see it all in person. I got to see the famous Rosetta stone and a bunch of pieces and friezes from the Parthenon in Greece! 

         I am currently in a restaurant in Aqaba that gives us wi-fi (we don’t have any internet in the apartments). On the way here a lady from the capitol taught me arabic and we showed each other pictures of our family and life at home. I showed a picture of you and she said she liked your hair haha. She was on her way to a Rotary Exchange conference! Aqaba is beautiful. There are desert mountains all around it and we are right by the bright blue sea. Yesterday we spent the day relaxing by the pool. I applied so much sunscreen it was ridiculous. It gets so hot here, we are all constantly covered by a sheen of sweat. At night time lying in bed the heat feels like you’re tanning. It’s hard to get used. We can’t put the air conditioning on in the apartments either so that our bodies get acclimatized the heat. Once we start digging (tomorrow!) and our bodies adapt fully I’m gonna blast the shit out of the AC. There is a mosque across the street that plays the “call of prayer” five times a day. It’s played loud enough for the whole city to hear. It’s looooooooud. So at four in the morning it’s not the most welcomed of things. However, it is truly beautiful. It’s like a song or chant. And all the other mosques respond to it so it’s kind of like a symphony of arabic chants. Nonetheless, waking up at four is inhumane. BUT I am having a great time, there a lots of things I have to get used o besides the heat. When men on the street see that you’re a westerner they whistle at you or call at you (even though I’m completely covered). It makes me super uncomfortable, but it’s all part of the culture. Anyways, I should go now (we’re gonna watch x-men!) 

Je t’aime beaucoup! And missing you lots!

Off to the Middle East!

I’m all packed and ready to go! Hope you are having in incredible time in the amazon! Im missing you. I forgot to mention this before you left, but can you please please please capture a monkey and bring it home to then give to me. I’ve always wanted one. Ironcialy, in Curious George it’s an archeologist that steals George from the jungle and brings him to the city. Maybe it’s what we’re meant to do? If that doesn’t work out, just come back with some good stories to tell when we’re reunited again. I’m starting to get really anxious. Tomorrow I fly out to London and spend the day, my goal is to hover around Buckingham Palace because my love for the royal family will basically act as a magnetic force pulling me there haha. Then to Jordan! Sometime this week I will upload a post explaining my week! I’m nervous to start working, I’m scared I won’t be able to keep up with all the PhDs haha Anyways, I should go now, I have a couple more things to get done. Tu me manque! 


Jungle lovin´

Oh hey, I´m just in Ecuador RIGHT NOW, no big deal. I´ve found a cute place that has internet in the village. It is sooooo amazing here, I can hardly believe it, let alone describe it! I got back yesterday from 4 days in the Amazon rainforest, where we lived in jungle lodges and bathed in the river. SOme highlights:

*Seeing some HUGE, ugly, hairy spiders, including a tarantula, and not freaking out

*Peeing in the jungle

*Any and all trees

*MONKEYS!!!! Everywhere, from the jungle to on out table in the hostel this morning at breakfast

*Sitting in a tube and floating down the river

*White water rafting

So yeah, this place is so amazing, and I will give you some more intense updates when I get back home. Also, I´ve written your postcard, I just need to send it now

Now, for more exciting news, YOU ARE LEAVING TOMORROW!!!!!!! Holy crap girl! How excited are you¿ I cannot wait to hear ALL about everything you´ll be digging up, your camel´s personality, and how you do at swimming in the Dead Sea (good luck). You are fantastic, so this should be a breeze for you! Good luck, have fun, and write something as soon as you get the chance, OK?

I looooooooove you!